Natural Bristle Brushes

In my quest to hygge-fy every corner of my home, I have discovered that natural bristle brushes could effortlessly take on a lead role. Why?...

1. They are made by hand, with all natural ingredients - easy on the environment and on the eyes.

2. Their textured, neutral aesthetic makes them the perfect accessory to adorn a countertop, in a dish or on a window sill.

3. There is a brush designed for use in every single room of the house, enabling continuity and flow of design.

4. They work! The bristles used for each brush are designed to do a specific job, and they do it well.

The bristles on a natural brush are made up of either animal hair or plant fibres. Wild boar, horse, badger, and goats all have hair that can be put to use doing anything from scrubbing a pot to combing a baby's hair.

Alternatively, tampico, coco husk, sisal, palmyra and aregna fibres are used for their strength, durability and resistance to water and heat.

brushes in the kitchen... the bathroom... the mudroom...

Here are my top 3 selling brushes:

1. FACE BRUSH - using a face brush once or twice a week is the natural, chemical-free way to promote anti-aging and increase blood flow to the skin. Can be used wet or dry. Standing only 2" tall, this little guy is so easy to fit into any new routine.

2. BATH BRUSH - Horse hair is an excellent material in bathing brushes because it is soft and pliable, while sturdy and durable. Along with a good soap it gives a soft and comfortable lather for a perfect cleaning.

3. DISH BRUSH - The medium bristles and beechwood handle make short work of washing dishes while keeping your hands clean and dry.

No longer is there a need to cringe when a guest asks to borrow your dishrag :)

Been there.



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