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Frequently Asked Questions

Where do you source your Vintage Items?

Everywhere!  I'm always on the lookout for unique, quality pieces wherever I am.  In my experience, treasures pop up in the most unexpected places.  I scour farm markets, auctions and estate sales.  Over the last 2 decades in the design industry I've been lucky to make some good connections with antique dealers and collectors. I have even found discarded antique clay bottles at the bottom of the river! 

Can I hire you for a design consultation?

Presently, I am not taking on new projects or hourly consultations.  My focus is on helping my current and long time clients only.

How often do you get new products in?

Weekly and even daily.  Our suppliers are very diverse.  We source from as local as 'down the road', all the way to Europe and everything in between.  We source new, handmade and vintage and antique.  This allows us to keep inventory coming through our shop quite regularly.  


Do you offer wholesale pricing?

Very soon I'd like to be able to supply some of our products to retailers, at wholesale pricing.  In the beginning it may only be a handful of our products, but if you are interested in purchasing something for resale, email us at and we'll chat.

Is everything that you sell in the shop in Elora, also available online?

Yes, all of the products that we offer in our Shop in Elora are also available for purchase online.  However, not everything is available to ship.  Please read the product page for shipping details.  If it's marked "Studio Pick Up Only" or "Not Available For Flat Rate Shipping" then it will either require you to arrange shipping, or you can ask us to provide you with a separate quotation for shipping.

Your shop smells amazing!  What am I smelling?

Funny that this is on the list of FAQ's but we love getting this question!  It usually prompts us to start running around the store and sniffing everything, looking for the source.  Here's what we think it is: a blend of our beeswax products, lavender, citrus essential oils that we use for cleaning and in the diffuser, shower steamer tabs and just general happiness :)

Will you ever ship worldwide?

Yes, we are presently working on this and hope to be able to offer it soon!  Shipping is hard.

Where and how do you find such unique pieces?

In my experience, the best way to find 'unique', is to stay away from big box suppliers.  I look for small, family owned businesses or artisans instead.  My selections are guided by a particular sense of what I would want to have in my own home, and I don't deviate from that.  


How long have you been open?

LemonTree + Co. Interiors began as an interior design service in 2004.  After years of residential design, I introduced our online shop in 2017.  Then on June 28th, 2019 our brick and mortar shop opened it's doors for the first time!

What forms of payment do you accept?

Puppies. You can pay in puppies. If you don’t have puppies, we will consider...


Credit Card (we use Wix as our payment provider)

Debit Card


Apple/Google Pay

Offline Payment options such as cash and e-transfer to

*Please note that when paying offline, your items don't come out of our inventory.  This means that until your payment has been received, the product remains in the store for others to purchase.  This can be an issue particularly with our one of a kind products.

How do I care for my wooden brushes?

The most important care that you give your brush, will be after each use.  Rinse all of the food particles and soap from the bristles, with hot water, until the water runs clear.  Then shake as much of the water out of the brush as possible. If I have used it to clean fish from my dishes, I will add couple drops of Rosemary essential oil to the head of the brush.  Lay (bristles down) to dry .  Avoid  leaving your brush in standing water.  If you follow these steps faithfully, your brush shouldn't develop an odour.

How do I disinfect my wooden brushes?

Add a little liquid soap to a cup of cleaning vinegar (10-15% acetic acid) and soak your brush in the liquid for about 10 minutes. Give it a good swish then rinse with hot water and lay (bristles down) to dry.

My kitchen brushes are turning black!  Is this mold?

Probably not, as long as you have done a good job of shaking the water from your brush between uses.  Darkening wood is called oxidation and it is a natural aging process of wood.  Think of greyed barn board vs. freshly sawn wood.  The colour change shouldn't affect the function of your brush.  Remember that signs of age are natural. We don’t use plastic because it doesn’t biodegrade. We choose wood and natural fibre because it does.

Why do my faux olive stems look crushed?

These little branches have travelled far to be with you, and understandably they may look a little worse for the wear when you pull them from the box.  Thankfully these are hearty stems it doesn't take much to perk them right back up.  The first step is to separate the 4 branches from each other by gently bending them away from the centre stem.  Next, bend the 2 smaller shoots at the end of each branch, away from each other.  The further apart the branches are, the more realistic they will look!  The humidity of the room should fix any bent leaves, but if you want to speed the process up, try using a hairdryer or steam.

Is my antique bread board, food safe?

We can't answer this question, simply because we don't know with certainty, the history of the board, where it's been or what it's been used for.  What we can tell you is that when you receive it, it has been scrubbed free of all visible dirt.  We recommend using a barrier with wet foods ie: placing olives in a dish, or layering cheeses on parchment paper.  

How do I care for my antique bread board?

If you prefer to have your food in contact with the board, here's a great article on how to disinfect the board first and care for it daily.

I love the picture frame that you use on your vintage art.  Can I buy the frame without the art?

No.  All of our picture framing is done off site, and each frame is custom mitred and assembled for our vintage prints.  However, there is a similar frame available from Restoration Hardware seen here.

Can I reserve an item from your upcoming Vintage drop?

Unfortunately not.  We used to reserve certain items if someone contacted us about them, but the requests have grown to the point where we are no longer able to manage the logistics of it.  We recommend signing up to receive email notifications.  Simply fill out the bubble below that says ' stay in the loop' and we'll notify you as soon as our one-of-a-kind vintage items are available to shop.  Remember that adding an item to your cart doesn't reserve it for you.  Multiple people can have the same item in their cart but whoever gets to the checkout fastest takes it home.

Can you tell me where you source your merchandise from?

We will share all kinds of information with you, maybe even more than you want.  We don't keep too many secrets but we don't reveal our sources - to anyone.  We invest a lot of time, money and research into providing our customers with what we feel is the best product line to reflect our brand.  Our offerings are what our customers keep coming back for  and what makes us unique in the retail industry.  We prefer to keep it that way.

Can I place an order with you, for an item that isn't part of your current product line?

We’re happy to place a custom order for you, if we are already carrying products from the same brand that you wish to order from.  We will require full payment in advance.  Custom orders are considered final sale and don’t qualify for free or flat rate shipping.

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