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We are a Canadian home + lifestyle shop, recognized for our warm, collected aesthetic, using contrasting textures, tones and influences.  

We like our metals mixed, our wood worn, our linen rough, our copper polished and our pottery aged.









About LemonTree + Co.

Anchored along the banks of two rivers and overlooking a breathtaking gorge, lies the charming village of Elora. 


You’ll find us there. 


Our century old building and tin ceilings are the framework for our renovated shop, that showcase our contemporary and vintage collections, in such a way that it becomes difficult to detect new from old.  


Together, they are timeless.

About Sophia

Sophia Reay is the founder and principal designer of LemonTree + Co. Interiors.  Her passion for interior design was formed at an early age, while travelling through the architecturally-rich cities of London and Paris.  This was also when her passion for home began, while living out of a suitcase.


These passions connect in a way that helps her blend graceful design with the emotion of home.  Helping homeowners understand and play with these contrasts has been a hallmark of her design work for the past two decades. 

Now shifting focus from clients to customers, Sophia has opened a home and lifestyle shop in the picturesque village of Elora.  Her unwavering attention to detail has lead her to curate a line of simple home essentials, collected objects and timeless classics that has become the foundation for what is unmistakably, the LemonTree + Co. aesthetic.

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