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As Principal designer of LemonTree + Co. Interiors, I am frustrated that there is an unbridged gap between 'designing' your home and 'decorating' it.  Who in their right mind would hire me to shop for unique, one a kind, quality pieces at an hourly rate - knowing that I could spend an entire day on the hunt for these gems, and come away with nothing.

And yet, the number one question I am asked when I do an in-home consultation is,

"How can I finish decorating my house to make it feel more like a home?"

The answer is in the small touches, the one of a kind pieces rather than the mass produced ones.

This is what I am passionate about - this is what you have been asking me for, and yet I wasn't able to offer it as a service...until now.

Welcome to my Shop!

P.S. don't forget to join the mailing list to be notified of the new pieces, as they are added to the shop.

xx Sophia

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