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Each scent note represents an elegance that resembles the backcountry of the Pacific Northwest. The hand-poured candles are a blend of their proprietary premium coconut wax. The wicks are cotton, which burn significantly cleaner and longer. The ceramic jars are beautiful and therefore can be reused, or they can be broken down into small pieces and place in the soil of your plants as it helps aerate the soil.

Hollow Tree Candle

  • Voyageur - Tobacco | Apple | Black Pepper

    The Lions - Balsam | Alpine Fir | Cypress

    Shannon Falls - Dogwood Blossom | Birch | Oak Fern

    Railroad - Mahogany | Cognac | Leather 

    Lumberjack - Santal | Fir Needle | Cedar Resin

    Lone Pine - Pine | Lichen Moss | Juniper Resin

    Fireweed - Ambrette Seed Absolute | Lily of the Valley | Peony

    Coastal Wolf - Wild Raspberry | Feather Moss | Huckleberry

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