Kitchen Kits - our new favourite habit.

A simple way to declutter a kitchen sink and still maintain a fully functional dish washing station - all in a pretty package, tied up in a cotton drawstring bag. It’s almost too good to be true.

After years of experimenting with natural and toxic free products, we've assembled what we consider to be a first rate collection of sustainable products, to get your dishes to sparkle. The best part - it was intentionally designed to make your kitchen sink look as though it was styled for a magazine. No need to tuck this away when guests arrive - it is part of the decor.

Each of the 5 items in our Kitchen Kit are also available to purchase individually, should you need to replace elements of the Kit. Below is a list and description of each one, along with a link. There is a savings when buying the assembled kit, so when purchasing for the first time, the kit is the way to go.

1. Solid Dish Soap - ultra biodegradable, septic and grey water safe, palm oil free, 100% vegan this solid block of soap by No Tox Life lathers beautifully to cut grease and rinse clean away. This bright white block has “clean” written all over it - it looks good enough to eat. here

2. Agave Wash Cloth - made from 100% Agave Fibre. It’s a rapidly renewable, wild-grown plant that is strong enough to remove food from dishes and flexible enough to get into those dirty corners. Toss it into the washing machine with your tea towels, when it needs a refresh. here

3. Pot Brush - handmade in Germany with untreated beechwood and union fibre (a blend of 3 vegetable fibres) This little guy may look cute but don't underestimate his ability to get rid of baked on foods. here