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​​This pack includes a baking soda and Terre de Sommières stain-removing soap, each made from real Marseille soap. One is enriched with baking soda known for its whitening powers and the other is embellished with Terre de Sommières, whose absorbency is well established.


With this pack you can clean and stain all types of fabrics and get rid of the most stubborn stains.


The baking soda stain remover soap will be effective for white laundry to remove blood, grease, wine stains ...


Sommières Earth stain remover soap is ideal for dark laundry.

Stain Remover Bar Soap

  • Since 1900 and four generations in Salon-de-Provence France, the Marius Fabre soap factory has been perpetuating the Marseille soap tradition. Today, very few soap manufacturers use cauldrons in their production and even fewer are capable of following the cooking process to its ultimate stages, which includes its actual tasting in order to verify its done to perfection. At Marius Fabre, these methods are still in full practice and soap-making has remained an art.

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