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Gary, Doug or Frank - which one are you taking home.  Take all three, we won't judge.


Ida Vintage Woven Basket Bowls – a delightful enhancement to your home decor ensemble. Meticulously crafted from willow and reed, these baskets, once employed as lids for grain and harvest baskets, now bring a touch of rustic allure to any setting.


Adorned with a charming weave pattern, these vintage gems infuse spaces with both texture and warmth. Whether showcased on a coffee table or utilized to house cherished trinkets, each basket exudes individuality, transforming it into an exclusive piece of reclaimed furniture.

Ida Vintage Woven Basket (lg)

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  • Vintage Variations
    Variations in colour and imperfections are part of the the natural, distressed finish that comes from vintage/salvaged items. All dimensions are estimated due to variations in each unique item.

    Discolouration & grazing are a part of vintage pottery and add to their beauty & charm. All Vintage & Reclaimed Product is sold as-is.

  • Gary - 13" long x 9" wide x 4.75" tall

    Doug - 13" long x 9" wide x 5" tall

    Frank - 14" long x 10" wide x 3.5" tall


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