How to Make a Mural Work In Your Space

I wish I was a fearless trendsetter in design, but the fact is that it usually takes me quite a while to warm up to new trends – forget about setting any.

I love the classics, and I use them liberally in the foundation of any design. It is only once the bones have been established, that I add personality into a space and take risks. This phase of any design is often where I find myself nudging my clients closer to the edge, with the assurance that “the classic foundation of your room is your safety harness, now jump!”.

Wall murals are blowing up on Instagram and Pinterest, and have been for long enough now that I’ve become comfortable with them (see what I mean about me not being a fearless trendsetter, ugh).

What better way to interject personality into a room?  Here’s how to make a mural work in your space:

  • Pick a wall that has 2 inside corners.  If you paper an outside corner, not only is it tricky to end the paper exactly on the corner but it will be subjected to more wear and tear, resulting in peel back.

  • If your wall has several doors or windows interrupting the surface, choose a more abstract piece so that the openings don’t take away the story of the mural.

  • Consider balancing the wall opposite your mural i.e.: floor to ceiling drapery panels on windows, full height bookshelves or a fireplace.

  • Reflect the colours within the mural, back into the room’s accessories and fabrics, otherwise it won’t feel authentic.

  • If you’re not quite ready to commit, consider applying your mural to a large board instead and hang it on the wall as art.

Here are some murals and papers that give me all the feels…

Via Area Environment – “Peonies White” by artist Thomas Darnell

“Dark Floral” by Ellie Cashman. Seen here in the fearless trendsetter Sarah Sherman Samuel’s laundry room.  {Photo and design by Sarah Sherman Samuel}

“Bellewood” by Rebel Walls.  Seen here in  Emily Henderson’s nursery – another fearless trendsetter in design! {photo and design by Emily Henderson}

“Colour Boxes” also by Rebel Walls.

“Watercolor Cactus” by Anewall.  This self adhesive paper can be easy removed or repositioned.

Fornasetti Nuvole by Cole & Son adds serious drama and moodiness to a space.

So what do you think…would you take the jump with me?

If you know of other gorgeous wall murals, please share them in the comments below.



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