Growing a Home

So many of us become discouraged about the state of our homes and how unfinished they feel.  We want to cross the finish line, fast forward to the part where our homes are completed, decorated perfectly, and a reflection of ourselves.  But if I truly want my home to reflect myself, then I have to accept that I myself will never get to the point where I am completed.  I will never say, “Ah finally, I have learned everything there is to learn. I have grown as much as I possibly can, I have completed my growth.”  Ha!  Can you imagine?  Let’s instead allow and encourage the same growth for our homes, as we do for ourselves.  Let’s grow our homes, as we grow.

Here’s what I’ve learned about growing my home: I have to understand what makes me tick, be realistic about my habits and lifestyle and recognize what I like vs. what I like right now or what I wish I liked. In a nut, I have to be honest about who I am in order to know what my home should be.  As we change and grow, our surroundings can too but it’s got to work from the inside out. Once you know this information about yourself, the rest is simple.  

  •  Find your “Words” your words describe what you like and who you are. You may find that you use these words regularly in conversation and in argument. As long as you surround yourself with objects (and people) that can be described with these words, you will find comfort in them because they are your Hygge words.  Here are mine:

– simple – clean – fresh – natural – relaxed – raw – imperfect – unfinished – tidy – collected – unedited – tarnished – unadorned – practical – irregular – useful – worn in – honest – organized – uncluttered – realistic – respectful – romantic – dreamy…
  • Create your “Guest List” your guest list will include objects that can be described using your “Words”.  They are pieces that you are inviting into your home by choice.  What objects fit these descriptions?  Alternatively what doesn’t fit?  Here’s what my “guest list” looks like:

Elements: – earth – glass – metal – stone – wood – leather – concrete Colours: – mushroom – pigeon – clay – oatmeal – white – grey – brown – black – pastels   Fabrics: – linen – cotton – raw silk – sisal – wool – felt – twine – burlap Patterns: – plaid – tweed – herringbone – striped – polkadot Food: nuts – seeds – oatmeal – popcorn – warm drinks – root veg – homemade anything

Your Guest List is the framework for growing your home.  If you’re a list maker like I am, write them down and keep them in your wallet.  Use this list as a reference for anything new that comes into your home.  How many items are you using and looking at everyday in your home already that don’t fall into this framework?  Keep a list of these items too.  They can be on your hit list of things to replace over time, as you come across them.

Now tell me, what are your words?  What’s on your guest list?  Write them in the comments below…I’m dying to hear what they are!  I may need to add them to mine :)