6ft Felted Acorn Garland

This little project is more of an assembly, than a DIY, so no excuses about not being "crafty". All you need is some glue. I'm using a glue gun because I have the patience of a 3 year old and don't like wait times. If you're doing this with actual 3 year olds at home, and want a safer method, a dollop of white glue will work just as well.

When you receive your package in the mail or at our shop in Elora, it will consist of these 3 things:

  1. 1 section of 8ft hemp twine

  2. 12 natural acorn caps, pre-drilled with 2 holes

  3. 12 felt balls

Step 1

tie a loop at one end of the twine. I like to do a slip knot because it allows me to fudge the overall length of the garland, when decorating with it. Sometimes I need a little more slack in the garland and the slip knot allows for this.

Step 2

thread the other end of the twine (the one without the loop) through the top side of an acorn cap, then back up through the second hole - essentially sewing the twine through the cap. You'll be able to slide the cap down to the end of the twine, close to the slip knot. Continue threading all 12 caps onto the twine.

Step 3

evenly space the caps along the twine. To do this, I laid out a tape measure. I placed the slip knot at 0" and positioned a cap every 6".

Step 4

next it's time to add the felt balls. Before gluing them on, firmly roll each felt ball between your hands. This will change the shape of it from round to oblong. This egg shape will help it fit into the cap better, and give it a more authentic shape.

See the difference in shape?

Step 5 squeeze a dot of glue on to the pointy end of the ball and position it into the acorn cap, pressing firmly for a few seconds. The glue will secure the ball to the cap, but also the cap to the twine so once the glue has set, you won't be able to slide the acorn along the string any longer.

Step 6

once all 12 felt balls have been glued to their caps, tie a second slip knot at the other end of the twine.


You are now the proud owner of the most adorable felted acorn garland, and you made it all by yourself. I'd love to see your garlands hung so please tag us @lemontree_interiors in your Instagram images.

If you haven't yet purchased your kit from us, you can find it here, while quantities last.

Happy Thanksgiving!



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