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Sour Cream Coffee Cake

The first snowfall of the year is my cue to bake this family favourite, and this year is no different.  Although I did make a failed attempt at red velvet cake this time, I went back to my tried and true Sour Cream Coffee Cake.  It’s dense but moist, with veins of cinnamon sugar and […]

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Simplicity in Design

  Simplicity isn’t simplistic. In fact, simplicity in design, is very complex. It is stripped down, clean lined, exposed, deconstructed. The planning of it requires us to work backwards – to know exactly where the end point is, so that we know where the starting point has to be. There can be no “ish” in […]

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Growing a Home

So many of us become discouraged about the state of our homes and how unfinished they feel.  We want to cross the finish line, fast forward to the part where our homes are completed, decorated perfectly, and a reflection of ourselves.  But if I truly want my home to reflect myself, then I have to […]

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In the process of building my own house, a rather annoying limitation of interior design was highlighted for me:  the principles of design can create a beautiful, functional house, but that’s as far as they can take you.  Interior Design can only achieve Step 1. There’s a Danish buzz word going around these days…”Hygge”. Have […]

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